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May 17, 2005

Bay watch

A little reminder, in case the Newsweek saga obscures the facts:

In a May 4th interview with Democracy Now!, Erik Saar, co-author of “Inside the Wire: A Military Intelligence Soldier’s Eyewitness Account of Life at Guantanamo,” notes that undermining detainees’ faith is a routine interrogation technique at the camp:

[T]he female interrogator I worked with that day sought to sexually entice the detainee. The logic behind that was that if he would be sexually attracted to her, he would feel unclean, and therefore, she believed, in Islam, he would be unable to go back to his cell and pray. One thing she additionally did in order to humiliate him and also to make him feel unclean was wipe what was red ink on his face, but it was done in a way that he believed it was menstrual blood. All of this again was in an attempt to create this wedge between himself and his religion and not only was it ineffective, but I thought it was unethical.
…One of the things that troubled me most about the camp was that the individuals there who were working were doing – were making – however misguided it was, were attempting to get information under techniques that were permissible by the command. So, I really did not name anyone specifically for that reason, because I don’t think anyone was operating outside of what the chain of command thought was permissible.

Saar, of course, has a book to sell. But his and other accounts don’t make flushing a copy of the Quran sound too unlikely.

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