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May 22, 2005


Kofi Annan’s chief of staff doesn’t think much of Team America World Police:

Mark Malloch Brown said the U.S. contributed most to the development of international law in the last century, but was now the country most opposed to international constraints.
“This ungainly giant of a nation that has led the world in advancing freedom, democracy and decency, cannot quite accept membership in the global neighborhood association, and the principle of all neighborhoods - that it must abide by others’ rules as well as its own,” Malloch Brown said at the commencement address to Pace University law students.
…Malloch Brown noted that the United States has already set itself apart in its opposition to the International Criminal Court and the Kyoto treaty seeking to mandate reductions in emissions. But, he added, “nor, admirably, will it accept other compromises in the pursuit of freedom and liberty.”

Well that’s certainly true.

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