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May 21, 2005

Fumbling in the dark

It’s hard to disagree with Bill Powers’ assessment of the MSM:

There’s a fumbling-in-the-dark quality, a way in which the media are just incapable of telling the whole story right out of the box. Instead, they begin with a very simplistic version of the scandal that lends itself to dramatic headlines and grabby phrases for the cable crawl. This is especially true on television, where the nuances – for example, the fact that Newsweek’s retraction didn’t rule out the possibility of Koran abuse – dribbled out very slowly. In a piece that appeared this week on the Columbia Journalism Review’s Web site, CJRDaily, Brian Montopoli wrote: “Producers, it seems, would rather stir viewers’ emotions [than] provide them with the truth. The story, in its oversimplified form, plays well into television news’ long-standing bias toward conflict. It’s Newsweek versus the government, the liberal media versus conservatives, and, for some, overeager advocacy journalists versus America.”

Moral: if you live by half-truths, you die by half-truths…

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