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May 13, 2005

Life in a theocracy, part 1

And she gets to sue Walgreens:

A mother of six claims a pharmacist refused to fill her prescription for an emergency contraceptive and berated her as a baby-killer, leaving her so traumatized she didn’t seek out another pharmacist and ended up having an abortion.
“The pharmacist crossed the line,” said Tricia Knight, the attorney for the woman. “It’s one thing to conscientiously object. But you cannot intend to inflict emotional harm on a woman when she is making a very important and often very emotional decision in her life.”
The state Department of Regulation and Licensing, which regulates pharmacists and other professionals, opened an investigation into the pharmacist’s actions after learning of the incident through news reports last week, agency spokesman Chris Klein said.

I guess wingnuts value saved souls over dead fetuses.

Thanks to Echidne of the Snakes for the tip.

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