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May 13, 2005


Seymour Hersh on Bush and Iraq:

I have a friend who is a major player who went to Iraq recently. There's been a series, unreported, a series of missions in Iraq that have all been there to study the war – where are we? – and they’ve all come back pretty negatively. This guy came back and he saw the President months ago. And he said, “Mr. President, we're losing the war in Iraq.” And there was a sort of a three-second beat and Bush said, “You mean we're not winning.” And this guy said, “Hey, I told him what I had to say. If he wants to turn it the way he wants to, that's the way it goes.”
… Bush is truly a Trotskyite, a believer in permanent revolution. We have never had one as a president before… He truly is. And he's doing it – what he thinks he has to do, the revolutions he has to create, without any information, without any – without an ability to absorb information that's counter to what he wants to hear.

Makes you proud, etc. (I may have said this before.)

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