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May 12, 2005


I guess this must be chemical warfare:

Thirty-four military bases shut down since 1988 are on the Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund list of worst toxic waste sites – most of them for at least 15 years – and not one is completely cleaned up.
As the latest base-closing commission begins its work, an examination by The Associated Press shows EPA concerned with incomplete pollution cleanups at more than 100 Defense Department facilities. Other military-related cleanups are being led solely by states.
Of the $23.3 billion in costs from four previous rounds of base closures and realignments, the Pentagon has spent $8.3 billion so far on pollution cleanups and other compliance with environmental laws, congressional investigators say. EPA officials say it will be at least a decade before many are completed – at a cost the government estimates will reach an additional $3.6 billion.

There is at least some irony to be extracted from all this: (1) There are quite a few U.S. military bases in Iraq; (2) U.S. military bases are toxic; (3) Even if Iraq didn’t have chemical weapons before we invaded, it sure has them now.

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