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May 26, 2005

Without a prayer

You just can’t beat religious tolerance:

Somali immigrants who work as cab drivers at the Cleveland airport say police are ticketing them when they step out of their cabs for traditional Islamic prayer.
…Members of the Islamic religion are required to have five formal prayers daily, which must be done facing the direction of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, considered the most holy city in Islam. Muslims are recommended to be freshly cleaned with water, and they also must recite the prayers in various positions, including standing and kneeling on the ground. The cab drivers say this is why they must leave their cars to wash up in the airport restrooms and to pray in certain areas.
Police spokesman Lt. Thomas Stacho said police ticket only law breakers, regardless of their cultural background. “Our only concern is the safety and security of the airport,” he said.

Of course. Evangelical Christians would be treated exactly the same way.

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