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June 29, 2005

Blair on the Downing Street memos

He’s “a bit astonished” by the idea that the memos prove Bush was set on invading Iraq long before he went to the U.N. And he’s spinning the link between Iraq and 9/11 like crazy:

“What happened for me after Sept. 11 is that the balance of risk changed,” said Blair, interviewed on the stone terrace overlooking the garden of his No. 10 Downing Street offices, where policy meetings on Iraq were held before the invasion.

That would be long before the invasion…

After Sept. 11, it was necessary to “draw a line in the sand here, and the country to do it with was Iraq because they were in breach of U.N. resolutions going back over many years,” he said. “I took the view that if these people ever got hold of nuclear, chemical or biological capability, they would probably use it.”

Makes sense. Except that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, and the entire war was predicated on the claim that Iraq already had weapons of mass destruction.

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