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June 16, 2005

Digital divinity

When theocracy meets technology (source URL unavailable as of July 2005):

The year is 2018 and the Church has turned to technology as a means of revolutionising Christianity … ‘Praystation’ addresses declining church attendance, offering ‘Fast Faith’ - faith without the worry or time that comes with commitment. The Praystation, and e-priest located within it, take care of individuals and guide them along the right path, playing the part of a conscience. The Praystation is a sound proof cubicle found wherever it is needed: shopping malls, train stations, airports, strip clubs, offices ... It is opened by the iCross, which stores the user’s soul, recording their life and sins, emotions, problems, health, interactions and movements. These are uploaded to the e-priest, who advises and finally down-loads absolution and forgiveness. It also functions as a ‘soul meter’, its colour reflecting the state of a soul from pure white to a sinful black, thus informing the owner on their soul’s condition. The e-priest is a cognitive artificial intelligence that will learn and evolve the more you visit it, building up a profile. It is custom-isable so that the user can define their priest’s appearance. It acts as therapist too, using a biblical and psychological database as well as data from the iCross.

Why do I find this all too easy to envision?

Via we make money not art.

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