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June 3, 2005


Larry Johnson attempts to untangle Iraq:

President Bush and Vice President Cheney need to get a grip on reality. The happy talk about the “fading” insurgency in Iraq ignores some harsh realities that bode ill for the future of U.S. interests in the Middle East. The truth is simple—we are fighting an insurgency in the midst of a civil war. The civil war in Iraq is largely sectarian and pits Sunni against Shia. The advantage in this case lies with the Shia, who not only comprise the majority of the population in Iraq but are being directly assisted by their Shia brethren in Iran. The Iraqi Shia, while not a monolithic community, are cooperating with Iranian intelligence officers. The Iranian agents are providing money, intelligence, training, and hit teams. Iran’s specialty during the past 25 years was organizing assassination teams that targeted opposition leaders. They are now bringing this skill to the streets of Baghdad. In recent weeks there has been a surge in violence against Sunnis who have not been cooperating with the current Iraqi Government. Clerics are being murdered.
In many cases the Iraqi security forces are comprised of Shia personnel who in turn are being used to conduct counter insurgency operations in Sunni neighborhoods. This would be akin to sending Irish Protestant soldiers into an Irish Catholic neighborhood in Dublin. It fuels sectarian strife.

And I thought Vietnam was a quagmire.

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