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June 3, 2005


John Hinderaker on a report that Rehnquist will step down this month, and Judge Michael McConnell will be Bush’s choice to replace him:

Judge McConnell would be a superb choice. I think the Democrats would fight him tooth and nail, but they would be hampered somewhat by the fact that he breezed through his 10th Circuit nomination process not long ago. McConnell also has a disarming professorial demeanor that would cause most people watching confirmation hearings on television to react with puzzlement to Democratic claims that he is somehow “extreme” or “out of the mainstream.”

The American public isn’t as gullible as Hinderaker thinks. People for the American Way examined McConnell’s record when he was nominated for the 10th Circuit:

McConnell has strongly opposed key principles and precedents that protect civil rights and liberties, including the Supreme Court’s decisions in Bob Jones University v. United States and Roe v. Wade and the principle of one-person, one vote. He has promoted a significant re-interpretation of the First Amendment that would substantially weaken the separation of church and state, give preferential treatment to religion, and authorize direct government funding of religion. And he has advocated overruling or evading significant precedents with which he disagrees. McConnell’s philosophy and ideology on these important matters place him well outside the mainstream on these issues and threaten to interfere with his ability to function as a neutral, effective judge. If McConnell were confirmed, his views would jeopardize the rights and freedoms of individual Americans.

The details are here.

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