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June 22, 2005

Only believe

According to an internal investigation, the U.S. Air Force Academy isn’t a hotbed of religious intolerance and evangelical Christian proselytizing:

“The root of this problem is not overt religious discrimination, but a failure to fully accommodate all members’ needs and a lack of awareness over where the line is drawn between permissible and impermissible expression of beliefs,” stated the report, headed by Air Force Lt. Gen. Roger Brady.

“No overt religious discrimination” doesn’t sound like what happened to the youngest son of Mikey Weinstein—a 1977 graduate of the academy and a White House attorney in the Reagan administration—who claims to have been called a “fucking Jew” and told Jews were responsible for “executing Jesus.”

It doesn’t sound like what anyone else found, either:

A team from Yale Divinity School said in April it found evangelical Christian proselytizing commonplace at the academy, which has about 4,400 students, and cited “stridently evangelical themes” by staff. The team described a campus chaplain telling cadets they would “burn in the fires of hell” if they were not born-again Christians.
The watchdog group Americans United for Separation of Church and State released an April report detailing allegations that academy instructors proselytized in classrooms and that senior cadets harassed non-Christian junior cadets over religious beliefs … The report found a “perception of religious intolerance” at the academy, inadequate guidance regarding religious expression and cited a need for training in the area of religious diversity and respect.

An academy chaplain who criticized the “pervasive evangelical climate” at the institution has already quit in protest at the Air Force’s report.

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