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June 23, 2005

Truly homegrown marijuana

This may not be covered by the Commerce Clause:

A cannabis-like chemical produced naturally in the brain aids pain relief, researchers have found … A study in rats by the researchers from the University of California, Irvine, and the University of Georgia found, for the first time, how chemicals called endocannabinoids play a part in this process. Production of one cannabinoid compound, 2-AG, was found to be triggered by stress-related pain.
… Normally, an enzyme called monoacylglycerol lipase brings the production of 2-AG to a halt. [But] the team, including Professor Danielle Piomelli, director of the Center for Drug Discovery at the University of California, Irvine, developed a chemical which was able to block the enzyme’s action, meaning the body could theoretically continue to keep producing 2-AG.
Professor Piomelli said: “This study shows for the first time that natural marijuana-like chemicals in the brain have a link to pain suppression. “Aside from identifying an important function of these compounds, it provides a template for a new class of pain medications that can possibly replace others shown to have acute side effects.

The FBI is believed to be planning raids on all U.S. households.

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