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June 24, 2005


One of Britain’s biggest financial institutions is telling the religious right to go to hell:

The Co-operative Bank has asked an evangelical Christian group to close its account because of its anti-homosexual views. The bank said the opinions of Christian Voice were incompatible with its support for diversity.
… Christian Voice has held an account with the Co-operative Bank for about three years. But now the bank has decided the group’s stance on homosexuality is so extreme, it has asked members to look for a new bank.
“It has come to the bank’s attention that Christian Voice is engaged in discriminatory pronouncements based on the grounds of sexual orientation,” a spokesman for the bank said. “This public stance is incompatible with the position of the Co-operative Bank, which publicly supports diversity and dignity in all its forms for our staff, customers and other stakeholders.”

The hate group’s national director, Stephen Green, complained that the bank was, “for all its fine words, discriminating against us on the grounds of conscience and religion.” The irony in that statement is not subtle.

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