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July 12, 2005

All about Joe

The Raw Story has GOP talking points on Rove Wilson:

  • Once Again, Democrats Are Engaging in Blatant Political Attacks

  • Karl Rove Discouraged A Reporter From Writing A False Story Based On A False Premise

  • The False Premise Was Joe Wilson’s Allegation That The Vice President Sent Him To Niger

  • The Senate Select Committee On Intelligence Confirmed That Rove Was Right And Wilson Was Wrong: The Vice President Didn’t Send Wilson Anywhere

  • Both The Senate Select Committee On Intelligence And The CIA Found Assessments Wilson Made In His Report Were Wrong

  • Karl Rove Has Fully Complied With This Investigation For More Than A Year And Has Permitted Any Reporter He Spoke With About Joe Wilson To Discuss Their Conversations

  • Government Investigators Have Specifically Asked Every Witness In This Case, Including Karl Rove, Not To Discuss The Subject Matter Of The Investigation

  • Joe Wilson Endorsed, Advised And Donated To John Kerry’s Campaign For President

I make that Wilson 6, Rove 4. This whole business is clearly about Wilson, not Rove.

That must be why the talking points don’t tell me whether Plame was outed as a CIA agent by Rove, or whether Rove will be prosecuted if he did out Plame, or whether Bush lied when he said that if anyone in the White House was involved, they’d be fired. Because those are just minor details.

The scales have fallen from my eyes.

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