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July 1, 2005

O’Connor’s retirement

Official Republican view, courtesy of Dubya in the Rose Garden:

“Sandra Day O’Connor joined the nation’s highest court in 1981 as the first woman ever appointed to that position. Throughout her tenure she has been a discerning and conscientious judge, and a public servant of complete integrity. Justice O’Connor’s great intellect, wisdom and personal decency have won her the esteem of her colleagues and our country.”

Unofficial Republican view, courtesy of Robert Bork on CNN:

“[R]eferring to a moderate philosophy, conservative philosophy is quite wrong. The question is, those judges who depart from the actual constitution and those who try to stick to the actual constitution. She departed from it. Frequently. So that I wouldn’t call that moderate. I would call it unfortunate, but… as a result she often determined the outcome by swinging from one side to the other.”

Guess Bork is still smarting from 1987.

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