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July 13, 2005

Remember Social Security reform?

We interrupt our regular Rove programming to bring you this bulletin from Radio Iowa:

Republicans on the U.S. Senate Finance Committee can’t agree on how to reform Social Security, and the panel’s chairman, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, says they may be close to failure, though he says he’s not giving up yet. Grassley, a Republican, says most Democrats agree Social Security is in sad shape, but he says no one’s coming up with any better ideas on how to fix the program. Grassley says “There’s no point in us doing anything until we get Democrats to the table and if we don’t get Democrats to the table then we might not do anything because, right now, there hasn’t been a single Democrat, either on the issues of solvency or personal accounts, come to the table to talk about anything. […] We’re kind of in a situation where, considering the fact it’s impossible to get anything through the Senate that’s not bipartisan, we could be at a standstill on the issue of Social Security even though 100 senators know there’s a problem we have to deal with.

For the second time today, the scales fall from my eyes. The failure of Bush’s Social Security plan—that would be the one that makes almost no difference to the trust fund’s long-term solvency and negatively impacts the poorest beneficiaries—is all the Democrats’ fault.

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