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August 13, 2005

Bush, Iraq… and Patch Adams

Bushitis, an often-fatal affliction that can’t be treated by laughter therapy:

Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams, who was the inspiration for the 1998 movie starring Robin Williams, was awarded the first ever Excellence in Health Care Prize presented by the Lima-based Global Organization for Excellence in Health.
… Adams, 60, with a gray waist-length ponytail streaked blue, expressed “shame for our fascist president,” referring to Bush, and told reporters that the only way global health will improve is if “we stop worshipping money.”
Adams expressed his disgust with war in Iraq, offering his sympathy for the “unfortunate soldiers who are serving corporations” there.

Although employees of those corporations in Iraq aren’t faring too well either:

A wall hanging was dedicated to 43 men and women of Kellogs, Brown and Root who have died in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom Aug. 3 in a ceremony here. One of those 43 remains missing.
Steven Arnold, director and project manager of the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program III, has been at his new position for less than a month. He obviously did not meet nor know the individuals on the wall, but he said, “In many respects I did know them. […] These people have given the ultimate sacrifice; they really weren't combatants; they weren't armed; they were just doing their job trying to provide services to our Soldiers and Coalition Forces with a dedication that really matters to all those they serve. We look at these dedicated Americans on this wall and really want to thank them for their service and remember, honor and respect them,” said Arnold.

So far 1,840 American troops and more than 255 contractors (many of them American) have lost their lives in Iraq.

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