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August 9, 2005

DeLayed development

Fostering children, fostering connections:

RICHMOND, Texas (AP) - House Majority Leader Tom DeLay on Monday opened a privately financed project touted as an innovative way of giving abused and neglected children a stable foster home environment.
“There is no other place in the entire country that does what we’re trying to do,” the Republican said of the project. “And we hope to take this as a model around the country because the foster care system in every state has problems that need to be dealt with.”

Well, yes, the project certainly does have some unique attributes:

The project also has drawn attention because the first phase includes homes constructed by Houston-based builder Perry Homes. The company is owned by Bob Perry, a Republican Party financial donor who gained notoriety last year as the chief financial backer of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, whose ads criticized the war record of John Kerry.
DeLay said the homes are being built by Perry Homes at cost, and he dismissed suggestions that his charitable activities provide a way for donors to gain political access.
“We hope many other congressmen would see this as a success and will want to do this in their own districts […]” DeLay said.

If they are honest and ethical Republicans like Tom DeLay, I’m sure they will. Well, the fundraising aspects, at least.

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