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August 18, 2005

In their place

The enlightened world of John Roberts:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Supreme Court nominee John Roberts disparaged state efforts to combat discrimination against women in Reagan-era documents made public Thursday, and wondered whether “encouraging homemakers to become lawyers contributes to the common good.”
… In a memo drafted Jan. 17, 1983, Roberts reviewed a report that summarized state efforts to combat discrimination against women. “Many of the reported proposals and efforts are themselves highly objectionable,” he wrote to White House Counsel Fred Fielding.
As an example, he said a California program “points to passage of a law requiring the order of layoffs to reflect affirmative action programs and not merely seniority” – a position at odds with administration policy.
He referred to a “staggeringly pernicious law codifying the anti-capitalist notion of ‘comparable worth,’ (as opposed to market value) pay scales.”
Advocates of comparable worth argued that women were victims of discrimination because they were paid less than men working in other jobs that the state had decided were worth the same.

If Roberts had his way he would probably revoke the 19th Amendment.

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