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August 14, 2005

Off message

It was kinda inevitable that this would be followed by this:

The top American commander in Iraq has been privately rebuked by the Bush administration for openly discussing plans to reduce troop levels there next year, The Sunday Telegraph has learned.
President George W Bush personally intervened last week to play down as “speculation” all talk of troop pull-outs because he fears that even discussing options for an “exit strategy” implies weakening resolve.
Gen George Casey, the US ground commander in Iraq, was given his dressing-down after he briefed that troop levels - now 138,000 - could be reduced by 30,000 in the early months of next year as Iraqi security forces take on a greater role.
The unusual sign of US discord came as Iraqi politicians and clerics drafting a new constitution continued their own wrangling over autonomy demands by various factions.

“Discord” is a polite British term for “chaos.”

Can't seem to find this story in the U.S. mainstream media.

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