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August 10, 2005

Republican treasure

Robert Kjellander, the Republican National Committee’s “accomplished and experienced” new treasurer, appears to be in a spot of bother:

CHICAGO – Federal prosecutors investigating corruption at a state pension fund have subpoenaed records concerning $4.5 million in fees a Washington-based investment firm is paying the new treasurer of the Republican National Committee, government sources confirmed Tuesday.
The subpoena calls for documents related to the fund, the Carlyle Group and Robert Kjellander, said sources familiar with the investigation who spoke only on condition of anonymity, saying prosecutors want details of the probe kept secret.
Kjellander, a lobbyist who headed President Bush’s re-election campaign in three states, was named the RNC’s treasurer over the weekend.
Illinois Teachers Retirement System officials expressed concern about the amount of finders fees Carlyle offered Kjellander for helping to land business with the pension fund—$3.1 million paid and $1.4 million due.
“I believe that we were all taken aback when we learned of the size of his compensation for services to the Carlyle Group,” said Jon Bauman, executive director of the pension fund.
… Carlyle spokesman Christopher Ullman said Kjellander’s fees aren’t unusual and the pension fund’s investment is simply smart business.

Well, of course. Just like the “fees” charged by Republican luminaries like Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed and Tom Noe aren’t unusual. At least, not for Republicans.

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