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August 8, 2005

Violating stem cell research

More insanity from the caring, compassionate religious right:

A national anti-abortion group yesterday served the administrators of California’s stem cell institute with a federal lawsuit seeking to stop their work on the grounds that the civil rights of frozen embryos are violated by stem cell research.
… Around the same time it arrived, committee Chairman Robert Klein was announcing that several lawsuits filed in state court had been consolidated to be heard by one judge, in one county, on an expedited basis.
That litigation has blocked the sale of government-backed bonds to fund the institute, which is supposed to award $300 million annually for stem cell research.
The federal lawsuit, filed by the National Association for the Advancement of Preborn Children, could now further delay the sale of bonds.
The lawsuit appears to be identical to one filed against the National Institutes of Health and dismissed after the 4th Circuit court determined it had no legal standing.

What a wacky bunch these “pro-lifers” are—NAAPC, get it? That must have raised a few laughs at the local Klan meeting. And boy do these folks care:

The people who filed the federal lawsuit likely know it is still a moot case, said Joan Samuelson, a member of the committee overseeing the stem cell institute.
“It is just a maneuver to continue to delay our work, which 7 million Californians voted to try to get cures to people,” said Samuelson, who has multiple sclerosis.

Which of course is one of many diseases stem cell research could eventually cure.

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