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September 17, 2005

Iraq, Iran, Venezuela…

Hey, they all have oil:

WASHINGTON (AP) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Friday he has documentary evidence that the United States plans to invade his country.
Chavez, interviewed on ABC’s “Nightline,” said the plan is called “Balboa” and involves aircraft carriers and planes. A transcript of the interview was made available by “Nightline.”
He said U.S. soldiers recently went to Curacao, an island off Venezuela’s northwest coast. He described as a “lie” the official U.S. explanation that they visited Curacao for rest and recreation.
“They were doing movements. They were doing maneuvers,” Chavez said, speaking through a translator.
… In the event of a U.S. invasion, Chavez said the United States can “just forget” about receiving any more oil from his country.

Of course, if Chavez is right, it wouldn’t be his country anymore.

Although if the Bush administration’s achievements in Iraq are anything to go on, it probably wouldn’t be Dubya’s either.

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Chavez shouldn't get his panties in a bunch because of US troops on Curacao; it is highly unlikely that the Bush administration would ever try anything overt to topple Chavez. Other ways of making his life difficult are far easier and cheaper, such as "decertification", meeting publicly with the opposition, and funding US-friendly opposition groups.

Taylor Kirk
The Latin Americanist

Posted by: Taylor Kirk at September 19, 2005 10:26 AM