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September 19, 2005


Well, this ought to make things right:

Church of England bishops have suggested Christian leaders apologise to Muslim leaders for the war in Iraq.
A report from a working group of bishops says the war was one of a “long litany of errors” relating to Iraq.
As the government is unlikely to offer an apology, a meeting of religious leaders would provide a “public act of institutional repentance”, it said.
It urges a “truth and reconciliation” meeting, but acknowledges that arranging it could be difficult.
… The Church of England has criticised the war, saying it was not a “just war”.
But a dilemma now exists for those within the Church - to pull out of Iraq without a stable democracy in place would be irresponsible, but to stay suggests collusion with a “gravely mistaken” war, the bishops said.
… The report said errors in the West’s handling of Iraq included support of Saddam Hussein over many years as a strategic ally against Iran, a willingness to sell him weapons and the suffering caused to the Iraqi people by sanctions.
It also says the war appeared to be “as much for reasons of American national interest as it was for the well-being of the Iraqi people”.

The insights here are simply stunning.

(OK, that was a low blow. If you want to read the report, there’s a link on this page.)

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