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September 27, 2005

Straight from the horse’s ass

In Mike Brown’s world, the truth is defamatory (and it’s all the blogosphere’s fault anyway). From Think Progress:

Appearing today before a congressional committee, Mike Brown explains what caused his downfall at FEMA:
While FEMA was trying to respond to probably the largest natural disaster in the history of this country, a catastrophic disaster that the president has described covering an area the size of Great Britain — I have heard 90,000 square miles — unless you have been there and seen it, you don’t realize exactly how bad and how big it was — but in the middle of trying to respond to that, FEMA’s press office became bombarded with requests to respond immediately to false statements about my resume and my background.
Ironically, it started with an organization called horsesass.org, that on some blog published a false, and, frankly, in my opinion, defamatory statement that the media just continued to repeat over and over. Next, one national magazine not only defamed me, but my alma mater, the Oklahoma City University School of Law, in one sentence alone leveling six false charges.
But I guess it’s the media’s job. But I don’t like it. I think it’s false. It came at the wrong time. And I think it led potentially to me being pulled out of Louisiana because it made me somewhat ineffective.

So what did horsesass.org, a mostly local-politics blog based over in Washington state, say about Brown? It simply noted that:

… the man responsible for directing federal relief operations in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, sharpened his emergency management skills as the “Judges and Stewards Commissioner” for the International Arabian Horses Association… a position from which he was forced to resign in the face of mounting litigation and financial disarray.

And that the White House press release announcing Brown’s appointment falsely claimed that the now-defunct International Arabian Horse Association was an international subsidiary of the national governing organization of the U.S. Olympic Committee.

Oh, and it did quote a horsesass.org reader who described Brown as “an unmitigated, total fucking disaster” at the IAHA. In the wake of his performance both there and at FEMA, it’s hard to see the defamation in that statement, either. Feels more like generous praise.

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