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September 15, 2005

The choice for no choice

So… where do the folks who know John Roberts best think he stands on Roe v. Wade?

Jay Sekulow, Executive Director of American Center for Law Justice
Pat Roberts: “This will mean judges though, that will be willing to go back and make it right, which means that you have got to over turn some of the stare decisis, is he prepared to do that?”
Jay: “I think there is no question.” “… I think what John Roberts is doing is laying out the case for how you review precedent, and I am very, very comfortable with how he has done it.”
700 Club, September 14, 2005
Ted Olson, 42nd Solicitor General of the United States
Q: “… he outlined that there are circumstances where precedent is reversed”
A: “Yes. And it’s clear from what he said, he acknowledges the fact the Supreme Court sometimes changes its mind. It did in Brown v. Board of Education he mentioned that, he regards those decisions as precedents of the Supreme Court but they are not inviolate.”
The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, September 13, 2005
Wendy Long, Judicial Confirmation Network
“He certainly left the door open to overturning any case that is incorrect under the Constitution.”
Roberts smoothes rough edges of conservative philosophy, The Associated Press, September 13, 2005
Gary L. Bauer, Chairman of American Values
“When you read his words carefully, there is reason to be encouraged.”
Abortion Is Focus As Both Sides Spin Nominee’s Words, Hartford Courant, September 14, 2005

Unless, of course, you have an ounce of humanity in you.

Via NARAL Pro-Choice America.

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