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October 8, 2005

Bush-Miers Syndrome

A mutually delusional dependent relationship:

Miers (as channeled by Frum): “She once told me that the president was the most brilliant man she had ever met.”
Bush (in today’s radio address): “Harriet Miers is a remarkable woman […] she will be an outstanding addition to our nation’s highest court. […] No Supreme Court nominee in the last 35 years has exceeded Harriet Miers’ overall range of experience in courtroom litigation, service in federal, state and local government, leadership in local, state and national bar associations, and pro bono and charitable activities.”

And Bush—like those members of the religious right who truly know Miers’ beliefs—understands exactly the kind of judge he is nominating:

I chose Harriet Miers for the Court both because of her accomplishments, and because I know her character and her judicial philosophy. Harriet Miers will be the type of judge I said I would nominate: a good conservative judge.

As I’ve said before, every Democrat—and every American who cares about the future of civil rights in this country—should be fighting her tooth and nail.

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