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October 30, 2005


To reiterate:

While Friday’s disclosures allege no wrongdoing by Cheney, they place the vice president closer than has been known before to events at the heart of the case.
One notable disclosure is that Libby and Cheney made separate inquiries to the CIA about Wilson’s wife, and each confirmed independently that she worked there. It was Cheney, the indictment states, who supplied Libby the detail “that Wilson’s wife worked… in the Counterproliferation Division” – an unambiguous declaration that her position was among the case officers of the operations directorate. That conversation took place on June 12, 2003, a month before the Norfolk flight and nearly two weeks before Libby first told a reporter about Plame’s CIA affiliation.

And then of course there’s the little matter of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Cheney will be gone by January.

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