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October 6, 2005


In case there’s anyone left who doesn’t think intelligent design is creationism in a fancy SCOTUS-proof suit:

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Early drafts of a student biology text contained references to creationism before they were replaced with the term “intelligent design,” a witness testified Wednesday in a landmark trial over a school system’s use of the book.
Drafts of the textbook, “Of Pandas and People,” written in 1987 were revised after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in June of that year that states could not require schools to balance evolution with creationism in the classroom, said Barbara Forrest, a philosophy professor at Southeastern Louisiana University.
Forrest reviewed drafts of the textbook as a witness for eight families who are trying to have the intelligent design concept removed from the Dover Area School District’s biology curriculum.
… Forrest outlined a chart of how many times the term “creation” was mentioned in the early drafts versus how many times the term “design” was mentioned in the published edition.
“They are virtually synonymous,” she said.

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