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October 7, 2005

DeLaying tactics

This is business as usual for DeGuerin, and probably BS. I hope:

Prosecutor Ronnie Earle “and his staff engaged in an extraordinarily irregular and desperate attempt to contrive a viable charge and get a substitute indictment of Tom Delay before the expiration of the statute of limitations,” DeLay’s attorney Dick DeGuerin said in a court filing alleging prosecutorial misconduct.
“These claims have no merit,” Earle said in a statement. “Because of the laws protecting grand jury secrecy, no other comments can be made. The investigation is continuing.”
… DeGuerin alleged that Earle unlawfully participated in grand jury deliberations when he went to a second grand jury last week to seek a second indictment against the Texas Republican. He also said Earle illegally discussed grand jury information and encouraged others to do the same.
… Earle went to a second grand jury still in session, but that grand jury declined to indict. On Monday, a third grand jury indicted DeLay on money laundering charges, which carry a punishment of five years to up to life in prison.
… Two people familiar with the proceedings of the grand jury that returned a “no bill” in the DeLay case told The Associated Press that Earle tried to persuade the grand jurors that DeLay tacitly approved the scheme and that the prosecutor became angry when they decided against an indictment. The people familiar with the proceeding insisted on anonymity because of grand jury secrecy.
DeGuerin also alleges that Earle “unlawfully incited” William Gibson, the foreman of the grand jury that indicted DeLay on conspiracy, to talk publicly, on the record, to the media to bias the public and sitting grand jurors.

I’m assuming that Earle doesn’t want to be remembered as the prosecutor who helped DeLay get off on a technicality. No, make that “praying.”

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