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October 15, 2005

Flack attack

So not only was Bush’s photo-op teleconference staged with fully rehearsed and scripted soldiers; one “soldier” was just a military PR flack:

Reporting on yesterday’s Bush-Iraq video-op, the Village Voice’s Ward Harkavy finds that it involved an actor from within his own sausage factory. “The soldier on the left side of the front row was actually a flack herself, though she didn’t reveal it during the regime’s 24-minute infomercial.”
The soldier in question is Master Sgt. Corine Lombardo; she works in public affairs for the military as spokesperson to the media. While she’s emerged else-where in mainstream reports on Iraq, she hasn’t always been identified in her role.
… Lombardo’s only first-hand knowledge is in spreading propaganda. According to David Axe the Village Voice’s reporter in Iraq: “Her job when I was with the 42nd Infantry Division included taking reporters to lunch. She lives in a fortified compound in Tikrit and rarely leaves. Many public-affairs types in Iraq never leave their bases, and they’re speaking for those who do the fighting and dying.”

But they sure can stick to a script.

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