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October 3, 2005

Lottery winner

So the former chair of the Texas Lottery Commission has won the latest Supreme Court jackpot. Hardly surprising, given that she was running this lottery too—and that Bush has appointed her to every job she’s held during the past decade or so.

Announcing her nomination, Bush said he had “sought to find a Republican crony an American of grace, judgment and unwavering devotion to the Constitution and laws of our country.” The jury is still out on each of these—particularly judgment, if David Frum is to be believed:

In the White House that hero worshipped the president, Miers was distinguished by the intensity of her zeal: She once told me that the president was the most brilliant man she had ever met.

Although, to be fair, that wasn’t quite how she put it to the Washington Post in June:

Ask White House counsel Harriet Miers when she first met George W. Bush, and she is less than specific. “I met him on a variety of occasions over the course of time,” she replied recently, explaining their long-ago encounters in the social and power corridors of Texas. “But not in a memorable way.”

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