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October 29, 2005

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe

The politics of delusion:

[Bush] appears to see little need for the wholesale housecleaning that previous administrations tried during times of upheaval to rebuild credibility, [White House] officials said.
The administration’s goal, they said, was to reassure its divided and demoralized conservative base, chalk up a few victories on Capitol Hill and set the stage for a more robust comeback next year after months of experiencing one misstep and setback after another.
… But some insiders say they are not sure if Mr. Bush fully grasps the degree of the political danger he faces and the strength of the forces arrayed against him.
… “It is the thinking of most people at the White House, including the lawyers, that this is done,” said a Republican who is in close contact with senior administration officials, referring to [Fitzgerald’s] investigation.


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