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October 2, 2005

Sunday God-blogging

Is it so wrong to sell thongs to the throng?

[A] new book backed by a Church of England bishop urges Christians to spread the message to their friends and neighbours by hosting lingerie parties.
The book, Open the Door, argues that in an age when more people know their zodiac signs than the Ten Commandments, Christians have to use unconventional methods to reverse the decline in churchgoing.
It says: “What a tragedy that we are surrounded daily with television programmes, art, film and even real-life stories sold to magazines and newspapers that champion casual sex and pornography, yet as Christians we often have so little to say about it.”
The book, produced by the charity Activate, which is primarily aimed at women, also recommends murder mystery evenings and “pamper” parties as ways to break the ice with non-churchgoers. Other opportunities to spread the faith include knitting groups and book clubs.
The Rev Jan Harney, a Church of England cleric in Manchester who also works for Activate, said that she wanted Christians to relax, have fun and to get to know people before trying to convert them.
“I have not conducted a lingerie party myself, but when Bridget Jones was all the rage I know that some Christian groups were holding knickers parties,” she said. “To be honest, I am not sure what happened at those. Nobody has told me.”

That can’t be good.

(Meant to add: some fine Christian lingerie can be found here.)

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