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October 11, 2005

Theocrat vs. theocrat

Mitt Romney’s hypocrisy continues to astound:

RALEIGH, N.C. – Venturing into foreign policy, Governor Mitt Romney yesterday told a largely Republican audience that Islamic terrorists “want to bring down our government” and “want to put in place a huge theocracy.”
“We’re under attack, as you know, militarily,” Romney told about 150 people gathered at an exclusive Raleigh country club. “They’re not just intent on blowing up a little bomb here and there at a shopping mall, awful as that would be. They want to bring down our government, bring down our entire economy. They want to put in place a huge theocracy.”

That would be the same Mitt Romney who wants to establish his very own theocracy—one where stem-cell research is banned, same-sex marriages and civil unions are forbidden, emergency contraception isn’t available to rape victims, mosques are wiretapped, and foreign students are under surveillance.

Yet another reason why “Romney 2008” is an oxymoron. With emphasis on the moron.

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