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November 11, 2005

Republican humor

Funny, real funny:

BOSTON – Gov. Mitt Romney was introduced at a Washington luncheon as the head of a state run by the “modern-day KKK ... the Kennedy-Kerry Klan,” drawing rebukes from Democrats and Romney himself.
The comment was made by Gerald Walpin, a New Yorker who is a board member at the conservative law group the Federalist Society, where Romney spoke Thursday.
“Today when most of the country thinks of who controls Massachusetts, I think the modern-day KKK comes to mind – the Kennedy-Kerry Klan,” Walpin said, according to Keith Appell, a GOP consultant who works for the Federalist Society.
Later, in a telephone interview with The Associated Press, Romney branded the remarks “ill-advised.”

That’s certainly a concept Romney is familiar with. Although he doesn’t seem to have been too offended at the time:

The Boston Globe reported in Friday’s editions that Romney laughed along with the audience and thanked Walpin for “a very generous introduction.” But the Republican governor said he wasn’t really paying attention.

Which has been true for some time, of course.

The Federalist Society, you’ll recall, is the conservative legal organization that at one time counted Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts as a member, and which yesterday endorsed Bush-nominee Samuel Alito as “an ideal candidate” for the Court.

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Sensitive much? You can follow the link over at the left to Air America to hear Randi Rhodes and Janeane Garofolo do alot worse...

Posted by: Dustin [TypeKey Profile Page] at November 11, 2005 3:18 PM