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November 6, 2005

Sunday night God-blogging

Because it’s never too late to watch the faithful being fleeced:

RIPON — A minister accused of selling his congregation’s church was arrested Friday and accused of another shady real estate deal — selling the church-owned house where he lived.
… Police said they learned this week that, in 2002, Radic allegedly forged documents to obtain the deed to the modest home where he has been living. County property records show the house was valued at $150,763 in 2004.
First Congregational Church members said they had assumed the house at 137 N. Elm Ave. belonged to the church.
It was the second shock this week. Earlier, Radic was charged with felony embezzlement on suspicion of selling the church for $525,000 without the congregation knowing.
First Congregational is the city’s oldest church, built in 1917. Radic has been the pastor for 10 years.

But forgiveness is swift for the fallen—even for a priest whose bail has been set at $1.5 million to reflect his flight risk:

Patricia Chavez, who identified herself as a Christian, said she understands how it could happen.
“We’re humans,” she said. “Temptation is always there. … It’s very hard not to fall into sin.”
Chavez said she is praying for Radic and his family.

Via Bobo’s World.

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