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December 9, 2005


This is getting silly:

U.S. arrests high-ranking member of al-Qaida

‘The Butcher’ was No. 3 on most-wanted list in Iraqi city of Ramadi

BAGHDAD, Iraq - The American military Friday arrested a high-ranking member of al-Qaida in Iraq in the town of Ramadi, the U.S. Marines said.
Amir Khalaf Fanus, also known in the Ramadi area as “the Butcher,” was wanted for criminal activities including murder and kidnapping, Capt. Jeffrey S. Pool said in a statement from the town, located 70 miles west of Baghdad.
… “He is the highest ranking al-Qaida in Iraq member to be turned into Iraqi and U.S. officials by local citizens,” Pool said. “His capture is another indication that the local citizens tire of the insurgents’ presence within their community.”

Great news. But some numerical variety would be kinda welcome at this point.

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