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December 23, 2005

The plane truth

Yeah, I know, I should be writing about Alito’s wingnuttery—warrantless wiretaps and backstreet abortions, anyone?—or today’s demonstrations in Iraq. But it’s Christmas the holidays, and this is much more fun:

HOUSTON (AP) - The wife of the pastor of the nation’s largest church said she chose to leave an airplane after a disagreement with a flight attendant, disputing accounts that she was asked to go.
The FBI has said Victoria Osteen was asked to leave after failing to obey crew instructions. The Continental Airlines flight Monday from Houston to Vail, Colo., was delayed an hour as a result.
In a statement posted on the Lakewood Church Web site, Osteen says: “Regardless of how some have portrayed the situation, please know that it was truly a minor misunderstanding and did not escalate into what you saw or read in the news. Contrary to those reports, it was my choice to remove myself from the situation.’’


A statement from Continental said the situation was resolved and a spokeswoman would not elaborate. The FBI reviewed a report from the airline and determined that no illegal activity had occurred, FBI spokeswoman Luz Garcia said. “She failed to comply with the flight attendant’s instructions, and they were asked to leave the flight,’’ Garcia said Tuesday.

Or in the words of a passenger who saw the whole thing:

“She was just abusive,” said Sheila Steele, who said she was sitting behind Victoria Osteen. “She was just like one of those divas.”

Proverbs 12:22 comes to mind. Osteen might also want to take another look at this.

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