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January 12, 2006

Department of extreme capitalism

No you can’t (despite what its ads say):

CORONA, Calif. - Police say the Sprint telecommunications company refused to provide information to help locate a toddler who was in his father’s SUV when it was stolen.
… The drama began the morning of Dec. 23, when Jason Cochran buckled his 10-month-old son, Wade, into his car seat and ran into his house near Corona to get his 3-year-old son, Blake. When Cochran came back outside, his beige Lincoln Aviator - and Wade - were gone.
Cochran’s cell phone, equipped with a global positioning system, also was in the car.
But Cochran’s wife, Stephanie, said a Sprint operator told her the company couldn’t give her the coordinates for the Aviator’s location. The company told a Riverside County sheriff’s detective that it wouldn’t release the information without a subpoena and a $25 fee, she said.

Deputies found Wade in the abandoned vehicle about two hours later—without getting the cellular data from Sprint.

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