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January 10, 2006

Dispensed with

Part of the solution to wingnut pharmacists:

A Dublin-based pharmacy has become the first chemist in Ireland to implement a robotic medication-dispensing system.
The system, called Rowa Speedcase, is an automated storage and retrieval system for medication. As soon as the pharmacist enters the required drug into the pharmacy’s computer, a robot automatically selects the medication, labels it and delivers it to the point of sale. Developed by European firm ARX, the system can help pharmacies to improve the speed, accuracy and efficiency of dispensing medication to customers.
Irish-based Systems Solutions has worked with ARX to deploy the system, as well as developing a software interface that links Rowa Speedcase with Systems Solutions’ flagship pharmacy solution, QicScript. Essentially, the interface eliminates the need for pharmacists to duplicate the entry of prescription items into both their pharmacy system, QicSCRIPT, and the robotics machine.
The first pharmacy to implement this automated solution is Dublin-based Shannon’s Pharmacy. The owner of the pharmacy, Criofan Shannon, said he hopes the system will help to boost efficiency as well as guaranteeing accuracy in medication dispensation.

Systems Solutions says it wants to help pharmacists, not replace them. But with many doctors’ offices moving to computer-generated prescriptions, the system will undoubtedly be adapted to scan and dispense prescriptions directly—enabling patients to get their medications as easily as they get soda from a vending machine.

Which, together with mail-order drug suppliers such as Medco, should help dispense with hate-group pharmacists too.

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