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January 1, 2006

New Year God-blogging

Resurrection (well, sort of):

FORT MILL - The three-word sermon title summed up Jim Bakker’s life as the leader of the fallen PTL ministry: Something went wrong.
Speaking to a packed house Friday night at MorningStar Fellowship Church, located on the site where Bakker’s famed PTL ministry and resort rose and fell in scandal, the former televangelist delivered a fiery and blunt message of restoration and redemption, while also challenging his listeners to prepare for the trials they’re sure to face living in what he says are the last days of the Earth.
… Bakker made international headlines in the 1980s after a sex and money scandal tore apart his ministry. He freely admitted his mistakes. But he also said God allowed those trials to make him stronger.
… “Prison was God’s love for Jim Bakker,” he told the congregation. Bakker spoke with passion about the need for Christians to let God mold them into the followers they were meant to be.
… Using biblical stories of failure and redemption, along with his own life experience, Bakker’s recurring theme was of God as a potter who molds his people, even after their most tragic failures.
“I was a lump of clay that got too full of myself,” he said of his failures.

Mercifully, Christians are gullible forgiving souls:

The sermon was like old times for Bakker, who received a standing ovation at his introduction and numerous cheers from the congregation as he made his points.

For those who don’t recall the gory details of why Bakker was thrown in jail—and why his original 45-year sentence should have been upheld on appeal—here’s a refresher.

Bakker’s former 2,200-acre Heritage USA resort is now a residential area and golf course—thus continuing the Bakker tradition of serving Mammon rather than God.

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