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January 13, 2006


As long as you don’t go too far:

A Walgreens pharmacist from West Peoria is accused of refusing to fill a prescription for the morning after pill, and that’s sparking some major controversy. It is the second time that this particular Walgreens has allegedly refused to fill a prescription for the morning after pill, even after laws requiring pharmacies to fill birth control prescriptions without delay were put into effect.
On Sunday, a nurse practitioner called in a prescription for the morning after pill, Plan-B and was told that they would not fill it for her patient. Now, Planned Parenthood is outraged.
The Illinois President of Planned Parenthood, Joyce Harant said, “I think its wrong. If all the facts are true then in my estimation this pharmacist should not be practicing.”
Springfield Planned Parenthood Nurse Practitioner Stephanie Cox has filed a complaint after what she claims is violation of the state law. Harant is backing her up.
“The pharmacist did not respond as we interpret the state regulation that either they must provide emergency contraception or insure that the pharmacy provides that method to her.”
… The Walgreens corporation is currently investigating the claim, and issued a statement saying that if the accusations are true the pharmacist violated both state law and their company policy.

Strange that so many Walgreens pharmacists don't comply with “company policy.”

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