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February 20, 2006


The Scots nail reality TV:

Telly [note to U.S. readers: this appears to be Scottish for “television”] and radio host Dominik Diamond may be crucified for real in a bid to restore his faith in God, he has revealed.
Dominik had a Catholic upbringing but gave up on religion five years ago.
Now the father of three is planning to put his faith to the test in a pilgrimage to the Philippines via the Vatican and Jerusalem for a TV show.
And the trip may end with him being nailed to a cross in a painful and bloody Filipino ritual.
Each year, three worshippers are chosen to be nailed to makeshift crosses in the town of San Fernando.
Dominik, 35, said: “Five or six years ago, I went through a period of insomnia and every night I would pray to God to help me but it didn’t happen.”
And he added: “I am obviously not going to die doing it. There is wood supporting your arms and legs so you don’t bear the weight of the nails.
“But it is as real as possible and if I go ahead with it, I will be the first person from Western Europe they have allowed to take part.

In another interview, Diamond added:

“I’m in my mid-30s, I’ve got three kids and it’s about time I did something that didn’t involve cheap gags.”

Not that undergoing a fake crucifixion is a cheap gag or anything.

The Church of Scotland has apparently condemned Dominik’s plans, saying he would be better off doing charity work. Or perhaps seeking counseling.

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