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April 1, 2006


Apparently this isn’t an April Fool:

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — To William Dembski, all the debate in this country over evolution won’t matter in a decade.

By then, he says, the theory of evolution put forth by Charles Darwin 150 years ago will be “dead.”
The mathematician turned Darwin critic says there is much to be learned about how life evolved on this planet. And he believes the model of evolution accepted by the scientific community won’t be able to supply the answers.

“I see this all disintegrating very quickly,” he said.

… But biologists call Dembski’s statements on the death of evolution absurd. They say intelligent design, or ID, has failed as a science, so its supporters are trying to foster interest in a receptive public.
Dembski, who holds a Ph.D. in both mathematics and philosophy, teaches a course on intelligent design at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville. He calls Darwinian evolution “viscerally unacceptable” to most Americans.

Ah, then the science must be wrong.

Even more troubling is that Dumbski and the IDiots at Seattle’s Discovery Institution Institute are now trying to position creationism as the voice of reason:

“It is a reasonable question to ask if there are patterns in biological systems that point us to intelligence,” he said in an interview. “It is a reasonable question to ask what are the limits to evolutionary mechanisms.”
… Dembski and other ID proponents say intelligent design is in its “infancy” and not yet ready to be taught alongside evolution in the science classroom. [Spokesman Rob] Crowther said the Discovery Institute actually opposed the actions by the Pennsylvania school board that brought the federal court case.
“People assume that we must be actively and aggressively seeking for intelligent design to be put in the classroom, and that’s not our position. What should be required in a classroom is more about evolution, and by that we mean students should be able to learn not only the evidence that supports it, but also some of the criticisms of the theory.”
That is enough for now, Dembski said.

Our children clearly isn’t going to be learning yet.

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