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April 27, 2006

The Vatican vs. creationism

The Reverend George Coyne, the Vatican’s chief astronomer, really does have it in for intelligent design:

The Alumni Memorial Union ballrooms were filled to capacity Wednesday night with people who came to hear the Vatican Observatory Director the Rev. George Coyne’s speech, “Dance of the Fertile Universe: Chance and Destiny Embrace.”
… According to Coyne, “evolution is the best scientific explanation for the scientific facts of the universe.” However, he also emphasized that evolution is compatible with Catholic thinking.
“If evolution was purely chance then it would exclude God, but it does not exclude God because evolution is not purely chance but a statistical destiny of probability,” Coyne said. “Why is it hard to believe that over billions of years particles would eventually collide and create the chemical makeup of life?”
“From the death of old stars brings about the life of new ones, from this creates the chemical elements that compose organic life...all in all Homo sapiens are organic beings composed of stardust,” Coyne continued.
Coyne said during his lecture that he is on a sort of “crusade” against the movement promoting the teaching of Intelligent Design in classrooms.
“Teaching Intelligent Design as an alternative to evolution is something we have to fight against in the scientific community because Intelligent Design is simply outside the realm of science.
“Science completely excludes whether or not God had anything to do with the creation of the universe. There’s 1,500 years between the beginning of the writing of the Bible and the beginning of modern science. So to say one is reflected in the other is incorrect.

More on Coyne vs. ID here.

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