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June 13, 2006

Feel the love

A haven of spiritual healing indeed:

ST. LOUIS (AP) – A Christian reform school sued over Missouri’s removal of 115 students whom officials said they were trying to protect from abuse.
Heartland Academy and its parent corporation, CNS International Ministries Inc., were joined by more than 50 parents and children in the federal lawsuit.
The school, located 150 miles north of St. Louis, relies on a strict Christian doctrine and corporal punishment to try to turn around wayward students in kindergarten through high school.

In October 2001, a state juvenile officer ordered 115 students removed. Among the abuse allegations was that students were required to stand in manure and shovel it.

Charles Sharpe, the school’s founder, said Tuesday the school required some students to shovel manure but he called the claim they were made to stand in it “an outrageous lie.”
Several parents came to the school’s defense after the students were removed, and a judge later allowed the children to return.
Sharpe said the only harm to students in 10 years was when staff placed two out-of-control students in a restraining device and broke their arms. Another student had his ear drum punctured in a confrontation with a staff member that got out of hand, he said.

And face it: broken arms, punctured eardrums and being knee-deep in shit are what real discipline is all about.

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