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July 27, 2006

Time for Kansas to evolve

A lazy post, but … what John Rennie says:

If you are a voting citizen of Kansas, then next Tuesday, August 1 is a day when you have an important opportunity to stand up for good science education. You need to vote in the primary election and help to defeat the members of the State Board of Education who have inflicted embarrassing creationist nonsense on your home’s science curriculum standards.
Last year, of course, the Kansas State Board of Education infamously held “hearings” about the scientific standing of evolution and “intelligent design” creationism. Once the kangaroo court was over, the board then voted in November 2005 to revise the educational standards so as to cast doubt on evolution, undermine the teaching of empirical science and lend credence to supernatural explanations for natural phenomena.
… Well, now there’s an opportunity to set matters right again. Three of the six board members who voted against evolution and good science are facing challenges in the Aug. 1 primary, and a fourth one is not seeking reelection. One of the evolution supporters on the board is also up for reelection, and is facing an antievolution opponent. Kansas voters, if you can remove those antievolution voices from the board, then it should be possible to restore the curriculum standards to their proper standing. It’s that simple.

Except it isn’t, as Rennie concedes: in 2002 and 2004, only 8-9% of registered voters bothered to vote in the primary. And education doesn’t matter in Kansas, right?

Hopefully wrong.

More here.

UPDATE 08/02/06: Kansas evolves, mostly.

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