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August 17, 2006

The nation still ♥ creation

According to the latest poll data from the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, 58% of Americans now believe that both creationism and evolution should be studied in the country’s public schools, down from 64% in July 2005. At the same time, 35% actively oppose teaching creationism as science, an increase of nine percentage points from last year.

Not sure whether to be relieved that a smaller number of Americans now believe that the bible is a science textbook—or scared shitless that six out of ten of them apparently still do.

Worse, according to Pew, 42% of Americans think that “a gay or lesbian person’s sexual orientation can be changed;” 73% believe that abortion is “morally wrong” in either “some” or “nearly all” circumstances; and 74% attend religious services (apart from weddings and funerals) “a few times” a year—with 55% attending at least once or twice a month.

The vaguely good news: 56% of Americans believe that the benefits of stem-cell research outweigh “destroying the potential human life involved” (a phrase that suggests Pew’s pollsters are clueless about the issues here).

You can find the (PDF format) poll results here.

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